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The process for hiring & finding best candidates for any organisation is the main task to build a great team. Recruiting process is a process of finding the vacant job, analysing the requirements of job, Screening and selecting the right candidate for any organisation. Recruitment process works as a chain between who has offered a job and who is setting a job, so we are here to select the best candidate as an asset for our clients. There are the following chenvel we have to identify the best candidate.

Creating plan for hiring job

Creating a plan for hiring a job is the stop of the recruiting process, where we will find out the vacant position. We will analyse job specification, nature of job,experience required, Qualification,Skill etc. There are mandatory structure For any candidate we are hiring.


This is the second step of the recruitment process. In this step we will make a strategy for hiring the resources. Post completion, and job specification,the next step will decide the strategy to adopt to recruit the potential candidate for any organisation.

Our HR team will also follow consider the following point

(1)Make or prepare employees.
(2)Geographical area
(3)Recruitment sources(Market recruiters)

Finding talented employee

This is the 3rd step to find the best candidate, identifying the right talent for required field work, attracting candidates to apply for the job, Talent searching is the procedure, After completion of 2nd step i.e strategy find out talented candidate will be started. We will hire candidates through internal source & external sources like promotion, Transfer, Employee referrals, Direct recruitment, Advertisement respectively.

Screening and short listing

To find out the right candidate for the right job for the recruitment process, it is very important to screen the candidate. The step will help recruiters to filter the application who have applied for the particular job based on experience, qualification and further selection process. This will remove the candidates who are not eligible & not qualifying the criteria of recruitment process. We will review the resume and CV received from the candidates. And will select & shortlist the best candidate.

Selection and offer for employment

Once you have completed the screening and shortlisted the candidates for the recruitment process. Based on reviewing the resume & CV, We will hire the best candidate and offer him/her to join the job with paper particular as prescribed in the notification issued for the job. A contract agreement will be signed with the selected candidate for acceptance of terms & conditions of the organisation, And a non-disclosure agreement will also be signed for maintaining the privacy policy of any organisation where the candidate will be deployed.